Horizontal blinds

Modern horizontal blinds of new generation are becoming an increasingly popular solution not only in the workplace, but also in the home environment. This is becoming a traditional way of covering windows. They are characterized by an exceptionally simple control mechanism, durability, and easy installation. We mount directly on the frame, right next to the glass, so the blinds stay close to the glass in all positions of the window.

Price from  18.83 €*

*Note: depends on width, chosen mechanism and material

Wooden blinds
Wooden blinds are adored by people loving the luxury of nature. Until recently, they were forgotten in interior design and very rarely used. Recently, however, people have increasingly supplemented cold metal and glass construction with warm, cozy and peaceful wooden blinds.

Price from 49.24 €*

*Note: depends on width, chosen mechanism and material

Vertical blinds
They are mostly used in offices, but it is really easy to adapt to other purposes. These blinds are most often chosen by those who like reliability and functionality. Vertical blinds can replace both day and night curtains, and will create an impression of modernity and innovation in the room.

Price from 13.03 €*

*Note: depends on width, chosen mechanism and material

Panel blinds
Panel blinds are popular because of their unique patterns and their variety. They can even be made of several different fabrics, each with a wide selection of colors and patterns. These panel blinds allow you to combine several different colors or patterns of fabrics. Therefore, you will quite easily get original looking window coverings that will give a unique look to your home.

Price from: 57.92 €*

*Note: Depends on width, mechanism and material

Vertical blinds "Solar sail"
Vertical solar sail blinds can be applied to windows of various sizes and shapes. If you already have vertical blinds, you will not need to change the horizontal rail on which the blinds are mounted. It is enough to buy blinds straps.

Price from 28.96 €*

*Note: depends on width, chosen mechanism and material

Vertical string blinds
Vertical string blinds can be used in offices and living spaces. Thanks to the exceptionally wide choice of colors, it is easy to adapt to all environments. These are usually chosen by those who love functionality and a modern look. String blinds can replace your day or night curtains.

Price from 72.41 €*

*Note: Depends on width, mechanism and material

Facade horizontal

Išorinės horizontalios žaliuzės (arba - Fasadinės žaliuzės) - tampa populiariu sprendimu ne tik nuosavų namų aplinkoje, bet ir biuruose ar gamybos patalpose. Šios žaliuzės montuojamos pastato išorėje, todėl neužima papildomos erdvės patalpose. Tai vienas efektyviausių sprendimų, siekiantiems apsisaugoti nuo tiesioginių saulės spindulių ir kaitros šiltuoju metų sezonu. Dėka plataus spalvų pasirinkimo, galėsite pritaikyti kiekvienam namo fasadui.

Kaina nuo 101.37 €*

*Pastaba: Pagal plotį, priklausomai nuo pasirinkto mechanizmo ir medžiagos.

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